Polk County

Welcome to the Pineywoods Express

Welcome to our brand-new digital news platform focused on San Jacinto and Polk County Texas. We are truly glad you are here.

We know each of our readers will have many questions about who is behind Pineywoods Express. Our editor is Valerie Reddell, who has more than 25 years in print journalism, mostly in East Texas.

“I’ve had a deep desire to provide the news about my hometown in a way that can share important information immediately to readers,” Reddell said at the site launch. “I have been drawn to digital media for its flexibilty as well. I can share audio and video of news topics, and let sources speak directly to the audience.”

This format also allows us to offer more explanation right alongside news that can be harder to understand. For example, as we prepare to launch this site, most of the local government entities are setting tax rates and approving budgets for the upcoming year.

We hope to break those complex stories down so that all our readers can understand how those decisions by Commissioners Court, City Council and other governing bodies impacts local families.

Suggestions, tips and questions are always welcome. Email us at editor@pineywoodsexpress.com, or call (936) 425-0395.